As many people who discover the web and how to program computers and web services, I’ve developed quite a passion for computers. This passion has never faded, but I’d say it is less intense than it used to. Also, my day-to-day job now is pure IT, so in my free time, although a lot of it is still related to IT, I try to do different stuff now.

I also have the impression that I’ve switched phases from a “learning” phase to a “doing” phase. I now have solid understanding of Linux servers, Python and networking, and feel I don’t need to learn much new things any more to tackly problems I want to solve with IT. I’m actually looking more at hardware now, and at the societal impact of some IT things like cryptocurrencies or wikipedia, and how they can improve some aspects of society or help trying to preserve the ecology.

I focus also on different things IT-wise. As a good engineer, I used to be obsessed with code performance and execution speed. I was awe-struck by projects like openblas or magma, while now I’m more concerned about code stability, readability, maintanability and project longevity over time.

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